Government Representatives from New South Wales of Australia Paid A Visit to IFA

2020-08-06 10:59:33 admin 197

On August 5, Mr. Murray Davis, Chief Representative of the New South Wales Government of Australia for Greater China, and Business Manager Ms. Sara Zeng, visited IFA and were warmly received by Vice President Mr. Jiang Ding and Deputy Secretary General Ms. Tan Wenyi. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the purpose of jointly hosting the FOOD2CHINA Online Match Meeting (New South Wales Special) .

In the course of exchanges between the two sides, Deputy Secretary General Tan first briefed the Australian representatives on the development of Australian products in the Chinese market among IFA members.  Mr. Murray then made a presentation to Vice President Jiang and Deputy Secretary General Tan about the State of New South Wales in Australia, noting that New South Wales is the main producing area of Australian crops, and the yield of rice, corn and macadamia nuts hold the first place in Australia; while red meat has large production, with beef accounting for 60% of the total, making it one of Australia’s main producing areas. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that the product volume of New South Wales comes top in Australia, with the export volume of processed food reaching 600 million Australian dollars and the export volume of dairy products reaching 40 million Australian dollars. Afterwards, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the details of the online match meeting such as time and process.

After detailed discussions, the two sides decided to jointly organize the FOOD2CHINA Online Match Meeting (New South Wales Special) in mid to late September, 2020. At that time, 20 enterprises from New South Wales will participate in the meeting and the products on display include dairy products, snack food, fruit juice beverage, nuts, meat and fruit, etc. Moreover, the Australian side expressed its willingness to invite IFA members to visit Australia for on-the-spot investigations in the future.

Friendship and mutual assistance between the two sides have been further deepened through this visit and communication. The two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation in the future to optimize food export channels for Australian New South Wales enterprises and bring more high-quality New South Wales food to Chinese consumers.

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