President of Guangdong Imported Food Association was invited to visit the Consulate General of Turkey in Guangzhou

2020-05-21 10:52:47 admin 265

In order to accelerate the resumption of production in imported food industry and to push forward the development of imported food industry, on May 19, Guangdong Imported Food Association President and his party were invited to visit the Consulate General of Turkey in Guangzhou and received warm reception from the related leadership of the Turkish Consulate General in Guangzhou.

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President Qi briefed the Turkish leadership on the current situation of China market under the epidemic situation and FOOD2CHINA platform. Qi said that due to the outbreak, overseas enterprises at present cannot have a face-to-face negotiation with domestic importers, however, they can negotiate with each other online through the FOOD2CHINA platform without any contact or distance.

Whereafter, the Turkish side recognized the work of the Association and appreciated FOOD2CHINA website, and they expressed their hope to organize an online promotion meeting together with IFA in May to bolster the development of Turkish products in South China.

Through this meeting, IFA will carry out more in-depth cooperation with the Turkish Consulate General in Guangzhou, and jointly promote the development of Turkish products.