IFA President Visited IFA Vice-President Company Oceanz International

2020-04-03 10:45:55 admin 324

To get informed of the resumption of work and production of IFA member enterprises and learn more about the current situation of its member enterprises, on April 3, IFA President along with his delegation paid a visit to Guangzhou Oceanz International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., the vice-chairman unit of IFA, and had a face-to-fac talk with Oceanz general manager Fan and other leaders.

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During this meeting, President Qi had learned more about the resumption of work and production of IFA member enterprises under the impact of COVID-19 and the difficulties currently encountered by the company, and discussed the current situation of imported food industry together with Fan, looking for a cooperation mode to promote the development of channels. Fan noted that the advantages of Oceanz global warehouse could provide further assistance for IFA member companies to develop sales channels through different models. Members are supposed to help each other to tide over difficulties at this tough time.

IFA, in the near future, will develop an in-depth cooperation with Oceanz global warehouse, so that we can jointly introduce multi-mode online sales into IFA member companies, and help them open up new channels to achieve better sales.