Representatives from Anti-Smuggling Office of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department Visited IFA

2020-04-15 10:49:01 admin 543

In order to investigate the status quo of imported food industry and standardize the order of the industry, on April 15, Chen Jianbo, Deputy Director-General of the anti-smuggling office of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Director Lei Daen, along with their delegation visited the Association, and received a warm reception from IFA President Qi Yilong.

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During the meeting, Deputy Director Chen stressed that, at present, public security organs at all levels in Guangdong Province had ramped up their activities to crack down on economic crimes such as smuggling, fraud and tax-related crimes in strict accordance with national laws and regulations, observing the discipline of case handling, and maintained the stability of social and economic order. Moreover, the central role played by IFA in imported food industry has been recognized, and it is hoped that IFA will be able to fulfil the function of supervision.

IFA president said that it is very necessary to regulate the industry and crack down on product smuggling as the imported food industry is now booming. IFA will also actively assist the government concerned so as to jointly safeguard the order of the imported food industry.