IFA Representatives Visited Bord Bia

2019-04-12 10:51:23 IFA 330

In order to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between Guangdong Imported Food Association and foreign institutions in China. On April 2, Ms Tan Wenyi, deputy secretary-general of our association, and Ms Bai Xuejing, minister of public relations and promotion department, paid a visit to the Bord Bia upon invitation, and were warmly received by Mr. James O 'Donnell, Asia director of Bord Bia.

In the course of communication between the two sides, representatives of our association gave a brief introduction to the association and shared the recent developments of the association, and introduced the development status quo and future development trend of Irish food in China in detail. Subsequently, Mr. O 'Donnell also briefed the representatives of our association on the current situation of Bord Bia. At present, the main direction of the Bord Bia's food promotion in China is dairy products, raw materials, baked goods, meat, seafood, cheese and other food categories that are popular among Chinese consumers.


(1st L: Mr. James O 'Donnell, Asia Director of Bord Bia)

Mr. O 'Donnell said that with the favorable policy that Irish beef can enter China, Bord Bia hopes to have an in-depth cooperation with our association to carry out more specialized and refined cooperation projects, so as to achieve the most ideal promotion results for Irish beef and other foods. In addition, the natural environment of Ireland is well maintained, known as the "Emerald Island", and its oyster industry is also very developed. Its superior location has made Ireland an ideal place for traditional oyster cultivation and it is now the second largest producer of oysters in Europe. At the same time, the Chinese market, especially the south China region, has a strong consumption capacity and is one of the most important markets for Irish seafood. Bord Bia is very optimistic about this and will make a thorough promotion in Guangdong in the future.

In addition, Mr. O 'Donnell expressed great interest in Food2China magazine and spoke highly of it, and also hoped that the two sides could cooperate on the Food2China project in the future.


(Food2China magazine at the Bord Bia)

Finally, through this successful visit to the Bord Bia, mutual trust between our association and the Irish institutions in China will be further enhanced, and the cooperation will continue to be strengthened, so as to bring more quality Irish food to Chinese consumers.