President of IFA Visited the Consulate General of India in Guangzhou

2019-03-18 17:44:19 IFA 374

On March 15, President of Guangdong Imported Food Association, Mr. Qi Yilong, and his delegation paid a visit to the Indian Consul General, Mr. Sujit Ghosh, and other representatives of the Indian Consulate General in Guangzhou. The two sides exchanged the achievements of business cooperation between the association and India in the past years, and discussed the situation of Indian food entering the Chinese food market.

Representatives of our association first summarized the visit of fresh fruit importers, the 2018 investigation group to Mumbai and INDUS FOOD Fair in India, organized by the Association in cooperation with India for the Consul General, Mr. Sujit Ghosh, and his delegation. Both cooperative buyer events have yielded encouraging results. Through this business activity, it is expected to see more imported food from India in the Chinese market in the future. Through feedback to importers, distributors and the market, the Association has learned that market capacity is especially huge in the import of fresh fruit, and more and more consumers choose high-quality fresh imported food. The development space of China's import market is huge and needs to be developed urgently.


Indian Grape Investigation Group 


Investigation Group to INDUS FOOD Fair in India

Consul General Ghosh mentioned that the Indian government has formulated a number of favorable policies to support food producers in exporting more of their products to China, and has encouraged Indian food enterprises to actively participate in promotion activities in China. Regarding the future promotion plan of India in China, the representative of the Indian consulate in Guangzhou said that he would be more actively involved in business activities with Guangdong Imported Food Association, and would further explore further cooperation with the IFA. The two sides reached a consensus after a friendly talk, which will provide qualified Indian food manufacturers and exporters with access to the Chinese market and purchase opportunities for more outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs, and look for the best quality Indian food and beverage products to provide more business opportunities.