President of IFA Visited the Consulate General of the Philippines in Guangzhou

2019-03-22 11:29:19 IFA 378

On March 22nd, Mr. Qi, president of our association, visited the Consulate General of the Philippines in Guangzhou and was warmly received by Mr. Marshall Louis M. Alferez, the Consul General of the Philippines in Guangzhou. The two sides exchanged the achievements of business cooperation between the association and Philippine countries in the past years, and jointly discussed the situation of Philippine food entering the Chinese food market.

President Qi first summarized the cooperation between the Association and the Philippines in 2018 to the Consulate General of the Philippines in Guangzhou, and introduced the current development situation of Philippine food in China, the capacity of the Chinese market is amazing and more Chinese consumers will be inclined to consume imported food. Through feedback to importers, distributors and the market, the Association has learned that Philippine bananas, potato chips, dried mangoes and other snacks have been deeply loved by the Chinese people. Philippine food exports to the Chinese market have a huge space for development, which urgently needs to be explored.


The representative of the Philippines mentioned that the Philippine government had formulated a number of favorable policies to support food producers in exporting more to China, and welcomed investments in the Philippine agricultural industry made by Chinese enterprises. The Consulate also introduced the Philippine beers, snacks, fresh fruit and other products to us.

Regarding the future promotion plan of the Philippines in China, the representative of the Philippine consulate said that they would provide the most powerful support and would be more actively involved in business activities with Guangdong Imported Food Association, work together to help qualified Philippine food manufacturers and exporters to enter the Chinese market, provide more excellent Chinese entrepreneurs with purchase opportunities, and look for the best quality Philippine food and beverage products.


(Left: Mr. Marshall Louis M. Alferez, the Consul General of the Philippines in Guangzhou, Right: Mr. Qi Yilong, President of Guangdong Imported Food Association)