Love On The Road, Keep Moving On (2)

2020-03-23 10:32:13 IFA 255

The epidemic situation has affected the 1.4 billion Chinese people's heart. However, companies have been back at work after the Spring Festival holiday. Though people gradually return to their daily work and life, the nationwide fight against COVID-19 is still continuing. Concerned about the need for epidemic prevention and control, members of Guangdong Imported Food Association have also been contributing themselves to the fight against the epidemic in their own way. 

Zhejiang Yiwu China Commodity City Import & Export Co., Ltd.

As of February 14, the Commodity City Group has purchased a total of more than 1.94 million pieces of overseas epidemic prevention goods such as face masks, protective clothing, thermometers and disinfectants, and has currently donated a total of 2,284 pairs of medical goggles and 12,055 pieces of medical protective clothing, 10,000 pieces of surgical masks, and 5,000 bottles of chlorinated disinfectant. Taking advantage of its overseas distribution points and supply chain advantages, the company will continue to purchase related materials based on the actual situation. Meanwhile, the fourth batch of donated materials purchased overseas by the Group, a total of 110,000 pieces, have arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and are in the process of customs clearance.

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Shenzhen Juhang International Logistics Co. , Ltd.

As of February 16, Juhang Group has received over 2,000 cases of free consultation on customs clearance of imported epidemic prevention materials; it has actually provided more than 100 cases of free customs clearance services for epidemic prevention goods, involving about 5 million pieces of anti-epidemic materials including face masks, protective suits, goggles, medical gloves, disinfectant and ventilators with donations worth RMB20m or so.

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Shanghai Xuanbo Import & Export Trading Co. , Ltd.

At the beginning of the outbreak, Shanghai Xuanbo Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. has contacted with Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Branch in Qingpu District, and donated RMB 10,000 on January 30, 2020.

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At the same time, Guangzhou GALON Trading Co., Ltd. has prepared relief materials worth more than RMB40,000 on BNI business platform, which have been put into 2 mask production lines, and developed mask business. In the face of the epidemic, we are willing to play our small part for the country, hoping that the motherland could win the fight against the epidemic as soon as possible.

Love gathers strength. The temperature of love continues to rise, making the originally wintry season no longer cold.