Enter Latin America, Feel the Rhythm of Colombia ——IFA Signed Cooperation Agreement with CHICC CHINA

2019-09-27 11:35:54 IFA 266

At the opening of the Canton Fair, Guangdong Committee of the CCPIT held the second Guangdong International Business Opportunity Promotion / The Open-Air Salon at Jinan University under the theme of "Enter Latin America and feel the rhythm of Colombia" on the afternoon of October 15. Vice Governor Ouyang Weimin and Colombian Ambassador to China Louis Monsalve attended the event and delivered a speech. About 300 people attended the event, including leaders from the provincial governments, foreign affairs office of the provincial government, Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Jinan University, and Consulate General of Colombia in Guangzhou, as well as representatives of Colombian enterprises in Guangzhou, representatives of Guangdong Imported Food Association, representatives of Guangdong enterprises, and representatives of the Cantonese Merchants Union of Latin America. 

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Colombia is an important partner of China in Latin America. In the first five months of this year, bilateral trade volume has reached US $5.8 billion, an increase of 8.6% year on year, and maintained sound momentum of rapid growth. In this regard, Vice Governor Ouyang Weimin indicated that Guangdong attaches great importance to the development of friendly exchanges and cooperation with Colombia and other Latin American countries, and that the two economies are highly complementary to each other and have a strong desire for cooperation, as there is a huge space for growth in global cooperation on production capacity and export trade of Guangdong products and other aspects.

Colombian Ambassador Louis Monsalve pointed out that the main purpose of President Duque's visit to China in July this year was to bring Colombian music and products that most Chinese people can enjoy to China, such as high quality coffee and flowers, tropical fruits, beef, pork and other high quality agricultural products.

At the meeting, CHICC CHINA signed cooperation agreements with IFA and Huaya Regional Economic Service Center respectively, and they have reached an agreement on strengthening cooperations in the import of high quality Colombian food and agricultural products as well as exhibitions.

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 Currently China has become the second largest trading partner of Colombia while Colombia itself has developed to be China's fifth largest trading partner in Latin America. IFA will strengthen communication with organizations and enterprises in the food and beverage export industry in Colombia and strive to build a bridge between the Chinese imported food market and Colombian exporters in the future.