IFA President was Invited to Attend the Guangdong, Macao Portuguese-Speaking Enterprise Seminar

2019-10-18 10:43:23 IFA 294

 In order to strengthen economic and trade exchanges between Guangdong, Macao and Portuguese-speaking countries, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-Portugal diplomatic relations, the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province held a seminar for companies from Guangdong, Macao, Portuguese-speaking countries at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel on the afternoon of October 17. Mr. Qi Yilong, president of Guangdong Imported Food Association, was invited to attend.

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Business representatives of the three parties were invited to have in-depth exchanges on such topics as boosting two-way investment through the platform of Macau and promoting import of goods from Portuguese-speaking countries and export of goods from Guangdong and Macao. President Qi noted at the meeting that, in recent years, China and Portuguese-speaking countries have maintained friendly bilateral cooperation in various areas, and made fruitful achievements. In the import trade of food, China has imported a large amount of grain, meat, seafood and beer from Portuguese-speaking countries, such as pork, beef, chicken, soybean, and ale. And food from Portuguese-speaking countries is becoming more and more popular in China because of its high quality and good prices. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries.

During the exchange, Guangdong Imported Food Association and Food2China platform have received the attention of many business associations in Macao and Portuguese-speaking countries.

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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

In the future, IFA will make full use of it advantages to provide food products from Portuguese-speaking countries with rich and high-quality business resources, along with opportunities to have business exchanges with domestic importers, distributors and service providers, and pave the way for food from Portuguese-speaking countries to enter the Chinese market with its professional Food2China website, media, association services and exhibition services, the four-in-one integrated business platform for imported food.