President of IFA Visits Changsha Gaoqiao Market

2018-10-29 11:44:03 IFA 665

On October 25th, 2018, Mr. Qi Yilong, president of Guangdong Imported Food Association, visited the Gaoqiao Comprehensive Market in Changsha and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Luo, the regional director of Gaoqiao Comprehensive Market Hotel, and Mr. Jin, the director of International Department. This was the first meeting between Guangdong Imported Food Association and Gaoqiao Comprehensive Market. The two sides hoped that further cooperation can be carried out in the future through in-depth exchanges.


Group photo with the person in charge of Gaoqiao Market

Changsha Gaoqiao Comprehensive Market officially opened in September 1996. It is unified property rights, developed independently, and unified positioning, investment, operation and management by Hunan Gaoqiao Market Co., Ltd. It has been developed for 21 years, and is the third largest comprehensive market in China and the largest in scale, the most mature 100 billion level commerce and trade industry market cluster in Central South China region.

In recent years, Changsha Gaoqiao Market has been actively transforming and upgrading, establishing the strategic vision of "International Gaoqiao, Business Port of the World", taking the fifth generation market as the construction standard, carrying out high starting-point planning and high-quality construction of the existing site, to form the fifth generation market with branding, specialization, informationization, industrialization, and internationalization that "buy global, sell global".


Visit to the International Commodity Exhibition Center


Visit Shops in Wine Supplies City

During the meeting, the market leader led president Qi to visit all major markets of Gaoqiao, including hotel supplies market, tea market, wine supplies market, International Pavilion, etc. . At the same time, in order to better communicate with local shops and understand the local needs and situation, president Qi visited and inspected the shops of various imported food enterprises.


Visit shops of the hotel supplies city


Communicate with the market leader

Subsequently, president Qi introduced the overall work of the association to Mr. Jin, the director of the International Department, and made a simple analysis of the imported food industry in Gaoqiao Comprehensive Market. Mr. Jin said that the sales of shops in Gaoqiao Market were developing steadily at present. For the shops, their biggest hope is to obtain imported food trends of overseas and first-tier cities, and they hope to make joint efforts with the Association in the future cooperation, so as to continue to develop and expand the domestic imported food industry. Finally, President Qi invited Mr. Jin to visit the Association in the future to make an in-depth discussion for the subsequent cooperation.