President of IFA Visited the Consulate General of India in Guangzhou

2018-10-31 11:38:14 IFA 644

On October 31st, 2018, Mr. Qi Yilong, president of Guangdong Imported Food Association, and Ms. Li Yingying, deputy secretary-general, visited the Consulate General of India in Guangzhou, and were warmly received by Consul General Sujit Ghosh and Commercial Consul Aniket Patankar.

First of all, President Qi briefed the new consul general, Mr Sujit Ghosh, on the current environment of imported food market in China and the Food to China Platform, and expressed his great desire to work together with the consulate to promote Indian Food.

During the discussion, Consul General Ghosh noted that Chinese consumers are increasingly concerned about the concept of green life, most of them already have preference to buy organic food, and India has very high quality ingredients. However, no suitable channels have been found to enter the Chinese market at present, especially for Indian mangoes, which are quite good in color, flavor and taste compared with other mangoes, but rare in China.

At the same time, Consul General Ghosh expressed hope that the association will be able to gather interested buyers to participate in the grape investigation activities organized by APEDA in India in November and the INDUS FOOD fair in January. Through these investigation activities, Indian exporters and producers will have more opportunities to understand the needs of the Chinese market and see the business opportunities in the Chinese market.

Finally, Consul General Ghosh said that in the future, the Indian Consulate General in Guangzhou will actively maintain communication with the Indian government, institutions and enterprises, and keep close communication with the Association, so as to make preparations for the Indian delegation to the Food2China Expo next year.