Event Preview - FOOD2CHINA Online Match Meeting (New South Wales Special)

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The New South Wales Government Trade & Investment Guangzhou Office and Food Innovation Australia (FIAL), together with Guangdong Imported Food Association and FOOD2CHINA, will jointly organize the FOOD2CHINA Online Match Meeting (New South Wales Special). At that time, quality suppliers in the fields of local specialty livestock products, snack food and beverages will be invited to match and negotiate with Chinese enterprises, so as to jointly promote trade cooperation between enterprises of China and Australia in the field of food.

Event Profile

Time of Event: 24-25 September, 2020 9:00-17:00

Forms of Activity: one-to-one negotiation with Australia NSW enterprises using online meeting software Zoom

New South Wales is the main producing area of Australian crops, and the yield of rice, corn and macadamia nuts hold the first place in Australia. The state has large production of red meat, with beef accounting for 60% of the total, making it a major producer in Australia. Moreover, the product volume of New South Wales comes top in Australia, with the export volume of processed food reaching 600 million Australian dollars and the export volume of dairy products reaching 40 million Australian dollars.

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Products Involved

* The following products will be included in this matching. The final categories are subject to the notification of the organizer.

ü  Health Care Productsvitamins, health and beauty products

ü  Ice Cream: Italian gelato made from Australian dairy ingredients

ü  Meat: beef, mutton

ü Nut Cereals: premium Australian nut cereals, and grains, oatmeal

ü Chocolate: sugar-free chocolate, high-protein probiotic chocolate, A2 protein dairy milk chocolate

ü  Baking: Bread, cakes, pancakes and salty mix

ü Wines and Spirits: Australian wines, sparkling wines, aperitifs

ü Coffee: premium Arabica coffee

ü Tea: Eucalyptus globulus tea, organic herbal gourmet tea manufacturers

ü Cold-Pressed Fruit Juice: cold-pressed fruit juice with Australian ingredients

ü  Drinking Water: obtain certificates of HACCP & BFA

ü  Alkaline Water: natural mineral-rich alkaline water with a pH value of 8.0

ü  Cooking Oil: 100% Australian rapeseed oil

üVegetable Oils: chemical-free vegetable oils, condiments and supplements

ü  Dim Sum: Lotus and Ming, a handcrafted and mass-production lifestyle brand

ü  Plant-Based Meat Substitutes: ready-to-eat & leisure food and plant-based meat substitutes

ü  Fermented Food: Australian beetroot fermented alcoholic drinks and a range of probiotic supplements

ü  Organic Food: healthy breakfast foods, snacks and tea that contain herbs and spices with organic and active ingredients

ü  Functional Foods: Australia’s first 100% juice-based energy drinks, nutrient-rich hemp seed food

ü  Nutrients: Australia WPC whey protein powder