Italy: Friendship Between China And Italy Will Not Be Held Back By The Disease

2020-03-11 14:38:54 IFA 634

As of March 10, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Italy has risen to 10149, an increase of 977 cases since March 9. With 168 newly reported deaths and a total of 631 deaths from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Italy has overtaken South Korea and Iran as the world's worst coronavirus-hit country.

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on the evening of 9th that a nationwide lockdown would be brought into force from March 10th, and measures taken to close schools and universities would have to be prolonged to April 3. The lockdown of cities and regions hit hard by the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, which was imposed in the wee hours of March 8, has been widened to include the entire country, requiring people not to move in and out of the city except for compelling business reasons, health and emergency needs, or unless absolutely necessary. Self-certification is required when crossing the borders. Meanwhile, all sports events have been suspended across the country.

On the evening of March 10 Beijing time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio over the phone. Noting Italy is facing a severe epidemic situation, Di Maio said the Italian government is paying close attention to and learning from China's successful experience in combating the virus, and is taking strong measures to contain the spread of the disease. And Italy hopes China can help solve its urgent need for medical supplies and equipment.

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China will not forget the support from Italy when the country was at the hardest moment in the fight against the virus, Wang said, adding that China is now willing to stand firmly with the Italian people. He noted that although China still needs a large amount of medical supplies, the country will overcome its difficulties and provide Italy with medical supplies including face masks and increase exports of supplies and equipment to meet its urgent needs. And China would like to send medical teams to Italy to help combat the novel coronavirus according to its needs.

The virus knows no borders and is the common enemy of humankind. At present, the epidemic situation in Italy is severe. As a good friend and comprehensive strategic partner of Italy, we should help each other and support Italy to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Guangdong Imported Food Association hereby propose that everyone should donate supplies as much as we can to help Italy defeat the virus and join hands with it to overcome the difficulties. (Anyone who is willing to donate material or money to Italy via IFA may contact the Secretariat of IFA. The donated goods and money will be collected and handed over to the Italian business organizations in China).

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