Korean Online Business Match Meeting(Round 1)

2021-03-31 17:53:09 IFA 12

FOOD2CHINA and Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association jointly held the Korean Online Business Match Meeting(Round 1) on March 23, and invited professional importer to accurately match with the innovative Korean beverage supplier NP BEVERAGE.

POPCAP, the ‘new concept’ product of NP BEVERAGE, is a patented cap that can perfectly seal and store concentrated vitamin nutrient solution. While combined with a bottle of mineral water, a simple press can release the content and create an instant healthy drink. POPCAP contain no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial color nor Sodium.

(If you like to know more information about products and company, click on link: )

NP BEVERAGE introduce their company and products with video, demonstrate how the product works. Then negotiate further on product price, MOQ and payment terms. The Chinese company have positive feedback and intention to place an order for trial sales. Currently, they have exchanged information for quotation and sending product samples.

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The NP BEVERAG Online Business Match Meeting(Round 2) will take place in April, more Chinese companies will be invited to match with NP BEVERAG and providing more business opportunities.  

In the future, FOOD2CHINA and Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association will continue to cooperate with the Consulates in Guangzhou, introduce more overseas quality food products to enter Southern China market, which will help the development of imported food industry. 

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According to our experience, categories ranging from dairy products, coffee, nuts, snacks, and health foods are currently in a great demand in China. If you are an overseas brand and would like to attend our future business matchmaking and expo to gain more business opportunities; or if you would like to receive professional advice on entering the Chinese market, 

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