PRO ECUADOR Representatives Visited IFA

2019-12-24 11:38:46 IFA 592

On December 24, Ms. Nadia Rosales, trade commissioner of PRO ECUADOR, and her delegation visited our association and received a warm reception from Ms. Tan, the IFA's deputy secretary-general. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the purpose of promoting exports of Ecuadorian products and enhancing Ecuador's image in the international market.

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Deputy secretary-general Tan briefed the Ecuadorian side on the latest F2C Match related service items under the four-in-one Food2China system. Ms Nadia Rosales showed great interest in it, saying that she would lead more imported food enterprises from Ecuador to visit China in the coming year,and that efforts would be made to promote and popularize Ecuadorian fruits, coffee, chocolate, cocoa beans, alcoholic soft drinks and other products. Besides, she also warmly invited our association to organize willing buyers to head for Ecuador to participate in product matching and purchasing.   The two sides then exchanged views on Ecuador's business promotion activities carried out in Guangdong in 2020. Deputy secretary-general Tan made a further introduction to the latest situation of the Chinese market and then put forward some useful suggestions for the Ecuadorian side.

 Through this exchange, both sides have reached agreement on matters of future cooperation, and more in-depth cooperation and exchange will be carried out through the F2C website platform and a variety of offline promotion services.