Foshan Shizhile Food Co., Ltd.

2019-04-17 15:15:03 IFA 359

Foshan Shizhile Food Co., Ltd. mainly imports wines and specializes in wines from Chile and Argentina. The main brands are LUCKY ONE, LUCKY MAN, KNIGHT and so on. In the future, it will continue to expand the introduction of high-quality wines from famous grape producing areas such as Australia, Italy and Germany, etc. At present, the warehouse of the company covers a total area of nearly 500 square meters, and can store 250,000 bottles of 750 ml wine at one time, providing adequate and stable supply of goods at anytime and anywhere.

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Lucky MAN consistently chooses fine wines from the best producing regions around the world.

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Shizhile has been adhering to the new concept of sales methods (including traditional sales channels and new modes, new channels like games and other social platforms) and the management tactic of "to make wine come into life", and has always been keen on the themes of wine, holding various wine tasting meetings and participating in tradeshows from time to time. Wine may just be a platform to cultivate the interests for wine, and at the same time, to actively promote guests’ taste of wine and wine-related life quality, so that more people can taste wine and enjoy life.