Guangzhou Ronghui Trading Co., Ltd.

2018-04-15 11:28:47 IFA 551

Guangzhou Ronghui Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. With good reputation, quality service and business strength, it has established long-term and friendly cooperative relations with domestic food related enterprises in different regions.


The company specializes in Southeast Asian condiments and dessert raw materials, and acts as first-class agent for the following brands in China. Agent brands are: Malaysia D24 Old Tree Durian Mud; Thailand Crocodile Brand sago, tapioca; Indonesia Cocomas coconut cream, You-E Coconut Milk; Thailand Ronghui Brand Pomelo in Syrup; Thailand Malee Sea Coconut; Thailand Aroy-D Sea Coconut and Palm’s Seeds; India Ronghui Brand Alphonso Mango Pulp; Singapore Kwong Cheong Thye chicken rice dark soya sauce series; Thailand Tiparos fish sauce, Hong Kong Hung Luen curry paste, Thailand Sriraja chili sauce, Thailand Chua Hah Seng Chili Paste, Chilli Oil, Malaysia Aeroplane &Golden Fish Brand shrimp paste, etc. .