Guangzhou Kagaro Science and Technology Co., LTD

2018-08-22 11:52:21 IFA 720

Guangzhou Kagaro Science and Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter refered to as " Kagaro Warehouse") focuses on the combination of "cloud storage" and logistics distribution, and adheres to the service concept of "more than 33% cost savings for customers", with multiple storage parks in Baiyun district, Guangzhou, a total area of "300000 +" square meters, dedicated to provide warehouse rental and goods hosting services for small and medium-sized enterprises. The lease term is flexible, the warehouse can be rented by year, month, day or temporarily.



The "300,000 +" square meter parks under the administration of Kagaro Warehouse pursue a perfect combination of the three essential elements of warehousing: "strict site selection, safety first", "complete equipment, guaranteed efficiency", "professional team and customized service". The parks have all the necessary equipment and facilities for fire-fighting and security, with high standard fire-fighting system and 7*24 hours video monitoring system, to ensure the safety of customers' goods and property, and truly become "the storage expert of goods". Each district is equipped with "full-automatic loading and unloading platform", efficient removal van, perfect warehouse inventory management and order processing system and corresponding high-speed urban distribution and special line logistics team, so as to help the business!