Facing the Outbreak without Fear, Food2China Helps you Turn Crisis into Opportunity

2020-02-11 14:33:18 IFA 349

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Words like "a hard-to-buy face mask", "an empty street", "an anxiously  awaiting delivery man" have constituted the keywords of the Spring Festival holiday in 2020. Many enterprises seem to have hit the pause button on their trade contacts. Overseas enterprises have changed from actively developing the China market to halting and watching. As a result, most of our business matching and business trips that were well-planned in advance have been put on hold. It seems that everything is unfavourable and grave.

Despite the impact of the epidemic, however, the market size of China is huge, as the world's largest food import market, and cannot be ignored, from the perspective of the development of imported food market in recent years.Data show that, at present, the retail sales volume of China's imported food market has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and imports of aquatic products, meat and dairy products has topped 10 billion US dollars. In the past year, imports of fruits and aquatic products have seen a sharp increase, and demand for meat has become increasingly huge.

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Besides, we should realize that, after the coronavirus outbreak, China's demand for the introduction of safer and higher quality food will reach an unprecedented high level. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce published a Circular on Actively Expanding Imports to Combat against Novel Coronavirus Epidemic, where the Circular has clearly required the active use of imports to increase domestic market supply of agricultural products like meat.

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Therefore, in this particular situation, while having its challenges, there is also a good opportunity for imported food enterprises to develop and consolidate the market. How to turn crisis into opportunity during the outbreak? Food2China will provide different services to meet the diversified needs of enterprises according to the different stages of the epidemic development, so as to help work-at-home enterprises continue to develop the market in an innovative way, winning a first-mover advantage.


Face the Epidemic without Fear and Assist You to Seize Business Opportunities

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During the outbreak, the major problem in trade communication is failure to communicate with each other face to face. At this time, you can simply solve the problem as long as you have a smart device. FOOD2CHINA.COM enables barrier-free online business negotiations and makes it easier to work from home. Please log on to www.food2china.com.cn and register as our VIP online member for a variety of services:


Online Business Negotiation


Not subject to region, time difference, epidemic situation and other objective factors, you are able to contact with interested merchants at any time and any place, and seize business opportunities ahead of others;


Release Product Information


You can show your products to over 100,000 professional buyers without leaving your home by increasing the exposure of your products via various online channels of food2china.com, and potential customers are within reach.


Online Sourcing of Imported Goods


With the support of powerful platform resources, you can release your purchasing request via food2china.com, where it helps you explore the global business opportunities for imported food in the first time.


Keep Abreast of Imported Food Information


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Food2China will also provide you with first-hand information on imported food and help you grasp the latest market developments by timely releasing policy developments and sharing real stuff in the industry.


First Choice for Imported Food to Open the Door to China Market

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We had to miss all kinds of exhibitions in the first half of the year due to the raging epidemic? Autumn in September, FOOD2CHINA Expo will be a great opportunity for you to return to the market and communicate with your peers. The Expo will be held from September 24 to 26 at China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. This year's exhibition is expected to attract over 900 enterprises and brands from more than 30 countries around the world, including Russia, Australia, Thailand, India, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, the Philippines, Italy, Japan, Sri Lanka, Poland, Peru, Canada, Austria, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Ethiopia and other countries, to participate in the Expo.

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During the same period, the exhibition will hold a number of business matching meetings and invite the industry's most powerful large-scale buyers like e-commerce platforms, import traders, chain supermarkets, hotel management groups, group meal service organizations, wholesale markets, catering enterprises, alcohol and food dealers for accurate and efficient on-site business matching. In addition, FOOD2CHINA Expo will also organize a number of food industry experts, opinion leaders and other industry elites, as well as domestic and international associations of imported food traders, purchasing groups, industry KOI, etc. to participate in the F2C Forum and expert analysis meeting, so as to have an in-depth discussion on the industry development trends, policies and guidelines, to discuss the future development of the industry, and to explore new patterns of the imported food industry, with a combination of hot issues and data analysis.

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FOOD2CHINA Expo will be a key step for you to enter the Chinese market, no matter if you are an overseas company that has never entered the China market, or if you hope to introduce new products into China, or if you merely want to maintain the relationship with your clients, make new friends, and broaden your contacts and resources.


Business Matching, National Tour Exhibition:

Seize the Opportunity of Consumption Recovery and Open Up the Market

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After the outbreak, in addition to Food2China Expo, FOOD2CHINA will promptly resume the holding of overseas special business matching, national tour exhibitions and the organization of overseas business visits.

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With rich experience and expertise, as well as its abundant resources of over 100,000 purchasers, FOOD2CHINA provides overseas food enterprises with precise business matching, as well as helps in efficiently expanding the Chinese market and developing infinite business opportunities. Following in the footsteps of FOOD2CHINA and grasping the opportunity of consumption recovery to open up the China market, you will enjoy the growth of China's imported food market.

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(Proposed) 2020 FOOD2CHINA National Business Matching & Exhibition Tour Programme:


FOOD2CHINA Overseas Special Business Matching (during SIAL in Shanghai Station)

FOOD2CHINA Road Show——Yiwu Station (Exclusive for IFA Member Importers)


FOOD2CHINA Road Show——Changsha Station (Exclusive for IFA Member Importers)


FOOD2CHINA Overseas Special Business Matching (Shenzhen Station)

FOOD2CHINA Road Show——Zhongshan Station (Exclusive for IFA Member Importers)


FOOD2CHINA Business Matching -- Thailand Session (during FOOD2CHINA Expo)

FOOD2CHINA Business Matching -- Singapore Session (during FOOD2CHINA Expo)

FOOD2CHINA Business Matching -- Italy Session (during FOOD2CHINA Expo)

FOOD2CHINA Business Matching -- Russia Session (during FOOD2CHINA Expo)

FOOD2CHINA Expo Tour Exhibition Business Matching —— the 17th CAEXPO VIP Buyer's Business Visit


FOOD2CHINA Road Show —— Qingdao Station (Exclusive for IFA Member Importers)


FOOD2CHINA Road Show —— Dongguan Station (Exclusive for IFA Member Importers)

FOOD2CHINA Road Show —— Foshan Station (Exclusive for IFA Member Importers)

FOOD2CHINA will strategically provide businesses with different professional services in different phases of the epidemic. During the outbreak, FOOD2CHINA.com online services will help you achieve barrier-free business communication; after the epidemic, FOOD2CHINA will resume all the offline services, which will be synchronized with online services. Whenever and wherever, FOOD2CHINA will always be with you to go through the hardships and embrace spring. By the way,in response to the national call to fight against the COVID-19, FOOD2CHINA has implemented a work-from-home system from February 10 to 14. If you have any questions or needs, please contact: 13710339031, the same number as WeChat.

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