Circular on Assisting People's Government of Guangdong Province with Large Quantities of Epidemic Prevention Supplies

2020-01-29 12:23:00 admin 335

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, doctors in all hospitals have been actively fighting against the disease. At present, Guangdong Province is in urgent need of large quantities of medical supplies, as follows (the materials below should meet the following standards) :

Medical Protective Mask GB19083-2010,

Medical Surgical Mask YY0469-2010,

Protective Clothing GB19082-2003 (technical requirements for single-use protective clothing for medical use).

Any member unit aware of the above resources overseas may contact the Secretariat of Guangdong Imported Food Association at any time, IFA will integrate the resources to provide relevant departments of Guangdong province for procurement.

We hope that in the face of the epidemic, we are united as a team to fight against COVID-19 together.


Secretariat of Guangdong Import Food Association

13710339031(same number as WeChat)

Secretariat of Guangdong Imported Food Association

January 29, 2020