Food2China Philippines Online Matchmaking 2020

2020-10-29 11:03:47 IFA 94

Food2China Online Matching MeetingPhilippineswas completed on October 27. This event was held by the Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA), Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Food2China Platform. The food segments included tropical fruits and vegetables, processed fruits and nuts, healthy snacks, seafood marine products, and other premium food selections.

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During this event, Food2China invited 40 importers and distributors to conduct 178 one-on-one meetings with 40 Philippine suppliers. After the meetings, most buyers were interested in further communication and cooperation with suppliers. The IFA&F2C team kept track of the follow up process between buyers and suppliers, in which over 30 cases showed that the buyers and suppliers had strong intentions to further communicate. Most of these clients are in the next step of doing business such as sending samples or even making their first order.

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Part of the buyer lists of this event:


Goodbuy (Guangzhou) Trading Co. LTD"


Ever Vinco(Guangzhou)International Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Aitong Trading Co. LTD"


Shenzhen Depu Yongrui Technology Co., Ltd."


Shanghai tianwo International Trade Co., Ltd. "




Guangzhou Yuanduowei Trading Co. LTD"


Ronghui Trading (Guangzhou) co., LTD. "




Zfull Supply Chain Co.,Ltd."