Customs Policy Information Session was Held Successfully

2019-12-19 10:10:46 IFA 248

In order to help member enterprises and import & export enterprises better understand the latest customs policies, and to jointly create a good environment for customs clearance by standardizing declaration requirements, improving the quality of declaration, controlling the risks and speeding up customs clearance, an information session on customs policy, jointly organized by Guangzhou Customs Brokers Association of Guangdong, IFA and relevant departments of Guangzhou Customs District, was held at the Customs Training Centre on December 19. Those who attended the session included Ms. Zhuo Ruifang from the Comprehensive Business Department of Guangzhou Customs, Ms. Wang Lei from the Business Administration and Inspection Department, Mr. Cai Xian and Mr. Zeng Jianlun from the Tax Administration of the General Administration of Customs (Guangzhou), and more than 120 business representatives.

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First, it was an introduction to the customs inspection system and active disclosure system. Relevant leaders made a detailed introduction to the background of the inspection system, the purpose of customs inspection, brief introduction of the active disclosure system and operational guidelines of active disclosure and other related issues.

Then the "two-step declaration" policy newly released in this year has been explained in detail. It was mentioned in the meeting that the "two-step declaration" will further "push forward or move back" the link of customs supervision, so as to minimize the customs intervention or even not interfere in the logistics. For enterprises, the main advantages are as follows:  first, delivery speed will become faster, reducing detention time of goods in the terminal and the cost of import. Second, there is more time to prepare the customs declaration, reducing errors in the declaration. Third, enterprises can choose the "two-step declaration" or the existing mode on their own, so as to enhance the adaptability and flexibility of choice. Fourth, the "two-step declaration" policy provides diversified customs clearance services for enterprises, effectively reducing the time and economic cost of enterprises in the customs clearance at ports, further simplifying the process and improving the efficiency of customs clearance.

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During the on-site interactive session, enterprise representatives put forward their own doubt one after another and has received a detailed reply from the leaders. In the future, Guangdong Imported Food Association will strengthen the partnership with Guangzhou Customs Brokers Association of Guangdong, actively support the promotion of the customs policy, and jointly make contributions to the development of the imported food industry.