President of IFA was invited to participate in China (Guangdong)-Russia Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Activity

2019-04-15 12:03:03 IFA 368

On April 2, China (Guangdong)-Russia economic and trade cooperation exchange meeting, organized by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, was held in Russia. Mr. Qi, president of our association, was invited to attend. This economic and trade cooperation event was led by Mr. Ma Xingrui, governor of Guangdong Province. The main purpose of this activity is to introduce and promote Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and to promote the cooperation and development between our province and Russia in high-end industries, innovation field and imported food industry.

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China and Russia have maintained friendly strategic cooperative relations for a long time. In recent years, Russian food has taken an increasing share of the Chinese market. During this exchange activity, Guangdong Imported Food Association as well as Food2China Platform has been the focus of Russian exporters.

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Guangdong Imported Food Association and Food2China Platform have been vigorously expanding the cooperation with foreign consulates and overseas trade organizations, and have reached a friendly strategic cooperation intention with a number of Russian business associations.

Review of cooperation activities

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What is Food 2 China?

A four-in-one comprehensive platform for food industry

Food 2 China is a full-service platform committed to promoting B2B communication in the imported food industry, combining resources of the four platforms: Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA), Food 2 China Expo, Food 2 China media and the Food 2 China online website. Through mutual flow drainage of the four platforms, Food 2 China can make the enterprise information widely spread, and enable enterprises to improve their brand recognition and market share rapidly.

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A precise matching platform with over 3,000 overseas suppliers and over 100,000 importers

As the first industry platform that focuses on imported food in south China, Food 2 China has data resources of more than 3,000 overseas suppliers and more than 100,000 importers. At the same time, it connects with many embassies and consulates in Guangzhou, trade associations and a number of international professional food exhibitions to jointly build a diversified cooperation network in the industry. In addition, Food 2 China also makes a precise classification for enterprise products, so that both supply and demand can be accurately matched, making the transaction more direct.

In the future, the association will continue to expand its popularity and influence, and at the same time, make greater efforts to provide more diversified services and more quality domestic and foreign related resources for its member enterprises, and lead more special foods from different countries to China, bringing a new experience to the international food industry.